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Access Control Systems

NDT constructs smart card readers, and surveillance controls systems (CCTV). The safety and security of your business is as strong as your equipment. When it comes to the well-being of your customers, we pledge to supply the most secure and reliable access control and monitoring systems.

Data Networks

Local Area Network
LAN networks interconnect multiple computers in residences, schools, laboratories, as well as office buildings. Wireless LAN connections are possible through WiFi technology.
Wide Area Network
WAN networks correlate computers covering a larger distance.

Information Technology Management & Support

Our technicians arrange various elements of a computer network through network topology. During our consultation services, we evaluate the stability of existing internal networks and configure server hardware to benefit the structure of the IT procedures.

Data Center

An organized and secure data center is essential for all business operations. We design and build telecom rooms, a designated location of the common access point for backbone and horizontal pathways.
Copper cabling systems
NDT employs innovative technologies and rigorous performance testing to certify headroom performance through structured copper cabling.
Fiber optic systems
Fiber Optic cabling provides the ability to upgrade to future technologies and technologies with ease.

Voice Systems

Voice Over Internet Protocol
VoIP systems transport audio streams over IP networks using media protocols. We provide VoIP systems, deployment virtual and hardware PBX, and workstation phones.
Plain Old Telephone Service
POTS employ analog signal transmission over copper loops. POTS systems are reliable and compatible to residential and small business service connections.

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