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Network Design Technologies (NDT) has supported and empowered clients in various capacities over the years to help businesses reach their technology goals. Joseph Ruffin founder and Chief Executive Officer of NDT started as a one-man IT specialist, offering desktop support to primarily churches, and local community action groups, software/computer training, desktop and server support, and offsite data backup and storage management.

The team at Network Design Technologies are certified partners with multiple national infrastructure distributors. NDT is also a certified partner with several electrical charging station equipment manufacturers. Being a certified partner with several electrical charging station equipment manufacturers is also significant, as it indicates that NDT has specialized knowledge and experience in this area. This knowledge can be especially valuable in today’s world, where electric vehicles are becoming more popular, and the demand for charging stations is increasing yearly. NDT provides expert advice and assistance to clients who are looking to install charging stations in their businesses or public locations.

Field technicians with this level of experience are likely to have encountered a wide range of network infrastructure challenges and are well-equipped to handle them efficiently and effectively. They can troubleshoot problems quickly and accurately, minimizing downtime and ensuring that clients’ networks are up and running smoothly.

Moreover, technicians with such extensive experience can bring a clear understanding of the latest technologies and industry trends. They can recommend the most appropriate solutions to meet clients’ needs, whether it be upgrading an existing network or implementing a new one. This level of expertise can help clients make informed decisions about their network infrastructure, ensuring that they are getting the best possible service and value for their investment.

Overall, striving to understand and accomplish the goals of clients is an essential component of delivering quality service and can help NDT build a positive reputation in the industry.

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Joseph Ruffin

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

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