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Our goal is simple – Share our ideas about technology and assist public and private companies in overcoming technical business obstacles. Ultimately demonstrating how NDT can improve your bottom line long term.

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From construction, engineering and commercial development firms we have a broad range of partners we support. Network Design Technologies recognizes the need for partnerships to succeed. A partnership with us means having a long-term relationship with a business committed to all aspects of telecommunications. As a fast growing company, we are constantly looking for partners to collaborate with.

NDT can fill in the gaps for your business to provide your end customers with a discrete turnkey solution.

  •   You manage your client relationships
  •   We follow your processes and reporting requirements
  •   We provide the support you need from consulting to installation
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Network Design Technologies is growing fast! Our entrepreneurial mindset needs business-minded people to bring great ideas to the team. We are looking for the brightest candidates to trigger extraordinary creativity within the company.

Working with NDT is more than just a job! NDT brings together talented people from diverse backgrounds to create innovative business solutions. Our open culture for employees create a comfortable space for collaboration and contribution of ideas.

If you want to make a difference in the industry of telecommunications and are looking for a new opportunity, click the links below to apply. We’ll be looking for your application!

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We are always looking for partners and skilled technicians. If you are interested in joining our team, contact us for more information.


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