Design, Build & Maintain

NDT believes in following industry standard best practices in every aspect of execution. In addition to satisfying our clients, other vendors depend on us to complete our job correctly, on time and in a way that conforms with regulatory and safety requirements. The utmost care is taken to identify areas of concern early on and develop solutions that make sense.

We discover the needs of our clients and deliver the best solution on time and on budget. It doesn’t matter if you operate a school building, chain of restaurants or a national warehouse – our process is the same. Our advisors and technical support make your transition to modern technology as smooth as possible. You can depend on NDT to deliver.


We practice a “Safety First” mentality at NDT. Safety for our field techs, fellow onsite contractors and ultimately our end customer is very important to us and a key that has made us successful. That includes and is not limited to proper Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and cutting off electricity for certain types of installations.


Recognizing your business needs is the first step in creating success and competitive advantage. We lead you to personalized remedies for your business to increase efficiency and success.

System Engineering

System Engineering
Complete and thorough engineering studies of our clients’ environments are necessary to provide tailored solutions. Computer Assisted Drafting (CAD) and engineering of networks are evaluated before any installation is performed.

We start with 2 dimensional blueprints and turn them into 3 dimensional projects. The prestigious Building Information Modeling programs, NavisWorks and Revit, give us the ability to view projects from a design perspective to use minimal materials and time to make your project as cost efficient as possible.

Backbone Network Infrastructure

Our Fiber Optic and Copper cabling services assist clients in navigating through cable classification systems and industry standards. A professional installation ensures reliability, organization, and durability.

Testing and Quality Control

We utilize premier industry testing equipment to ensure durability and reliability of all stages of our projects and equipment on a long-term basis. Handheld telecom test equipment manufactured by Fluke guarantees cable certification and fiber certification.

Project Management

Our project managers oversee processes to estimate project time, cost, and to communicate project progress. We operate as a team which allows for open communication and promised gratification. Collaboration within the processes personalize our clients’ installation and experience.