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Our goal is straightforward – Share our ideas about general contracting and assist public and private companies in overcoming implementation obstacles, ultimately demonstrating how NDT can improve your bottom-line long-term.


NDT believes in following industry-standard best practices in every aspect of execution.

NDT provides careful planning before the start of any construction project by supplying the foundation of which every subsequent step is based. With addressing each critical detail during preconstruction, the outcomes will have fewer changes and delays in the construction phase. Careful preconstruction reduces construction time and increases cost savings. This process also ensures that the finished product will meet the client’s desired needs and completion within the projected budget.


As projects become more complex one indispensable document is the five-page Client Pre-Construction Progress Checklist. This serves as a reminder of necessary tasks and who in the company is responsible for them.

Project Management

Our project managers (PM) help clients with product selections as a central point of contact for specifying, ordering, receiving, and warranty management. The PMs responsibilities include signing off on all deliveries to make sure the finishes are correct and that nothing is missing or damaged. The product manager also produces a selection guide notebook, meets with vendors, and orders products. Additionally, the responsibilities include maintaining copies of specifications for the foreman’s, and the clients, as well as for the various. Subcontractors or specialty providers, like the electricians, the plumbers, and the HVAC contractor, as needed. Our PMs assist in allowances for preliminary pricing during the final takeoff phase and for the final package. If needed, they select alternative processes or materials for the benefit of the project and the clients.

The utmost care is taken to identify areas of concern early on and develop solutions that make sense.
Weekly Progress Meetings

As a project progresses and changes are made, the opportunity for mistakes increases. To preempt, manage, and track these changes and their repercussions, the company holds a weekly staff meeting. Rather than relying on paper memos, the company uses various industry-standard construction management software, such as Procore, PlanGrid, etc. to streamline our team’s communications and ensure everyone is working on the most up-to-date information. When a task is completed, it comes off the board to ensure nothing is repeated and to keep progress organized.

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